Key Items To Include In A Job Resume

Just got out of college? Are you now eager to join the workforce and get into that daily 9 to 5 grind and get paid for it? Well, you need to look for a job first. And for this, you need to prepare your job resume.

Maybe it is your first time to prepare a job resume. You need to make sure that you provide hiring managers and prospective employers with all the information they need to determine whether you are the person for the job they are looking for. Here are the key items that you should include in your job resume.

Updated Contact Information
It is important to provide employers with an updated contact information in case they find you an interesting candidate for a job. Include an email address or a mailing address along with a landline or mobile number in case they want to contact you. Make sure that you provide updated details in case you have already prepared a previous job resume.

Educational Attainment
To give prospective employers an idea about your skills and abilities, they first look into your educational background. Do not forget to include in your resume a comprehensive breakdown of

Your college degree, where you got it and other related or advanced studies you have attained.

Skills and Qualifications
Aside from your formal education, you may also have developed certain skills that may prove valuable to employers. Make sure that you make a list of them and add in certification or qualifying levels of each one. It will provide employers with additional insight to your capabilities.

Working Experience
Another important part of your resume involves your working experience. List down your previous job experiences and provide a description of your responsibilities and tasks. Remember, it does not have to be a paid job. You can also list down internships, on-the-job trainings you have had in the past and the responsibilities you took to accomplish your tasks. It will give employers additional insight to what you are capable of doing through prior work experiences, both paid and unpaid.

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