Job Hunting Beyond Job Ads

Job hunting can sometimes take a while. You may not necessarily get hired to a particular job by applying for the position at the first job ad you see. You may need to apply for several job vacancies before you get that opportunity for an interview and the hope of landing a job. Most job hunters rely on job ads when looking for vacancies. But you can improve your chances at more job opportunities if you also know where to look for jobs beyond the job ads. Here are some other possible ways.

Use your professional network
Aside from job postings, another way to know about other job vacancies can come from your professional network. Your past colleague or friend at work may have some information regarding a possible job opening you can apply for. All it takes is for you to ask. You will not know about them if you will not tap into your professional network. You may even have a better chance at landing a job this way, especially if your network refers you to join his or her company to work.

Do an online job search
People now can have the convenience of the Web to look for a job. Doing an online job search can do away with having to get to different companies to personally apply for a job. Through an online search through various job sites, you may be able to find different job vacancies that may match your qualifications and skills. You only need to visit a company once they give you an invite for a one-on-one interview. You may be able to access more job vacancies online today than through the usual job ads.

Inquire from your mentor
Your mentor is someone who has taught you the ropes in your chosen career either at school or at the job site. There is always a mentor who takes people under his or her wing and teaches them various knowledge and knowhow with regards to their chosen craft. Aside from being a source of knowledge, a mentor can also be a source for job openings. With the high status level that most mentors belong to in an organization or company, they may have access to many things that ordinary employees may not. This includes information on job vacancies. If you have a mentor in the industry you work in, try to inquire about job opportunities that may just help boost up your professional career.

Take advantage of online social networks
Online social networks are not only for trying to connect with friends and family. You can also use it to find jobs. With your extensive social network, it will be easier for you to spread the word that you are looking for a job. Someone within your social network may know about job vacancy and pass it along to you. It may just be your direct path towards a promising job opportunity.

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