Tips To Overcome Being Underqualified

During a job search, many job hunters may go through different experiences with employers. There may be a lot of outright rejection for the job. Sometimes, it may be a matter of being overqualified for the job, having certain skillsets that do not match with the job applied for. But most of the time, what […]

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Job Searching While Still Employed

In search for better pastures, some people will like to explore other job opportunities available out there. To be on the safe side, they try to search for jobs while still gainfully employed somewhere else. Doing a job search while still employed is not bad per se, but it can sometimes lead to certain complications […]

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Job Hunting Beyond Job Ads

Job hunting can sometimes take a while. You may not necessarily get hired to a particular job by applying for the position at the first job ad you see. You may need to apply for several job vacancies before you get that opportunity for an interview and the hope of landing a job. Most job […]

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