Job Searching While Still Employed

In search for better pastures, some people will like to explore other job opportunities available out there. To be on the safe side, they try to search for jobs while still gainfully employed somewhere else. Doing a job search while still employed is not bad per se, but it can sometimes lead to certain complications along the way. Here are some things that you need to consider while you are doing your job search.

Try to keep it under wraps.
Do not let your current job search start out a melee at the office. Try to keep it quiet and not let your co-workers know. You may tell your boss about it if you know he or she will understand. However, getting out the word out there about your plans to move to greener pastures may not sit well with your co-workers, especially those trying to compete for your position.

Avoid saying bad things about your current employer.
During job interviews, you may be asked questions about your current employer. But when you answer such questions, make sure that you do not try to badmouth your employer, no matter how much you think he or she deserves it. The bad things you say may get around and find its way back to your employer. Not only will it make you look bad, you may also end up burning bridges along the way. When trying to address questions regarding your employer during job interviews, try to be as civil and as positive as possible with your answers.

Avoid using your current colleagues at work as references.
If you decide to keep your job search secret from everyone in your current employment, avoid using them as possible references on your CV. Your interviewer may end up contacting one or all of your given references. And if your current supervisor or manager you listed as a reference is contacted and did not know about your job search plans, then you may end up doing a lot of explaining.

Schedule job interviews when you are off work.
In case you receive an invite to a job interview, make sure that you schedule it when you are not at the office. In case you might miss out on work and muddle your responsibilities, make sure that you take the interview on your off time. The key here is not to do the job interview while you are still at work. This way, you need not let your current job become more difficult by missing out on it just because you need to go to a job interview. Try to maintain the same level of productivity at work to avoid suspicions that you are doing a job search.

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