Tips To Overcome Being Underqualified

shutterstock_2060670During a job search, many job hunters may go through different experiences with employers. There may be a lot of outright rejection for the job. Sometimes, it may be a matter of being overqualified for the job, having certain skillsets that do not match with the job applied for. But most of the time, what may be an obstacle among job hunters is being told that they are underqualified for the job.

Being underqualified for a job may indicate that a job hunter may not have the skills that employers look for. This is usually what fresh graduates or young applicants tend to hear from most employers. But there are instances when you can overcome the issue of being underqualified by following these tips.

Focus your job resume on your transferable skills.
Lack of experience should not prevent you from getting another job. It is just a matter of letting employers see your strengths rather than your inexperience. One good way to do this is by focusing on your transferable skills for the job. These are the skills that you can use in whatever job you may be. If you re an effective communicator, a team player, leadership skills and have other similar attributes, try to highlight it on your job resume. Cite experiences where you were able to put these skills into practice. Make that the main point of your job resume instead of listing your job experiences.

Show your trainability and flexibility.
There are certain skills that many employers look for other than hard skills needed for the job. Trainability and flexibility to do other tasks are just some of them. If you are willing to learn new skills and have the openness to learn things you have no previous experience with, then employers may consider you for certain jobs, even if you are considered underqualified.

Be more likable.
Sometimes, it is not just your skills that employers look for when hiring people. Likability may also be a big factor. Being socially likable can also play a big part when you are applying for a job. When there are applicants who somehow offer the same skillsets, it is often the person hiring managers like the most that gets the job. After all, it is just human nature for people to work with others they like. So try to become more likable and show employers that you are sociable and great to be with. It might just help you land the job.

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